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Boudoir Photography

Sexy is not a shape, size, or face.
Sexy is Intelligence, Confidence, & Class.

This more intimate genre of photography not only awakens the mind and revives the soul, it can be so much more! 

I've seen people's confidence grow, their self esteem blossom, and I've seen the most beautiful of women brought to tears when they can see in images how truly amazing they are. 

Sometimes what WE, ourselves, see in the mirror isn't what the world sees of us. We see not just an image looking back, but the memories of what go with it. My job as a photographer is to help you see the beauty of the path that got you here today and to show you how beautiful, how sensual, and how strong of a person you are.


Before any shoot, you can expect to talk with me for 10-15 minutes. I want to know what YOU want out of the shoot, and what you want to feel or see when you look at what we create together. I will be glad to share examples of my work to those who are interested in scheduling a Boudoir session. 

If you would like more information, you can CONTACT ME and we can speak about what you would love to see come to life .

If you have the password to the Boudoir Gallery, you can view it here...

Boudoir Gallery

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