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Well, what can I say but welcome to the world I see through my camera! Almost 22 years ago I picked up my first good camera and started taking pictures of things in nature that just looked interesting or beautiful to me. I wanted to capture "that image" so I could look back at it years from then and remember a time, or a place, or an event that I may otherwise have forgotten.

Fast forward to 2020 when the world decided to take a break. I had the chance to pick up the camera again and relearn something that brought me so much joy. I started shooting again, and even was lucky enough to start shooting with friends. I saw how happy they were to see themselves in such a positive way, I just had to keep shooting. Friends, family, neighbors, models...whoever wanted to shoot, I was ready to go! Heck, I can now say I'm even a published photographer appearing in multiple magazines! 

My only new rule??? It has to be about YOU! What could WE create together that isn't the same as every other picture, in every other studio, in every other city across the country. If you are going to shoot with me, YOU are going to have a say in what we create together since this is about you feeling just as excited to "model" as I am to take the pictures! 



Well, I will be glad to shoot almost anything. I truly enjoy fashion, glamour, Weddings, Senior pictures, Family portraits, Lifestyle, nature, waterfalls & bodies of water, & boudoir.


Well, you can expect to have fun. This is something meant to leave an amazing feeling for you, not only in images, but the entire experience. No two answers will be the same for this, but you can plan to talk to me for a few minutes ahead of the shoot so we can coordinate what we will do. Before the day of the shoot, you will know exactly what to expect. Oh, and bad jokes. LOTS of bad jokes! 


I don't feel I am necessary locked in to one particular style. I think it really has to do with who I am working with and what we want to see out of that session. If I had to choose, I would say I am a bit more contemporary. I am drawn towards color and contrast as well as backgrounds to fit the person or subject I am working with. I also love the mood and story a black and white picture can create if shot right. If you want boring, I'm probably not the right person for you.


Good question! You're right. They're not. Although I do have my base package pricing, Just like no two people are the same, no two photo shoots will be the same and it's not fair to price it that way. Once we talk, and decide how simple or how involved you want YOUR session to be, I will ensure the price is fair to everyone! 


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